Peace equalizer is a Windows PC interface for Equalizer APO by Jonas Thedering, and besides an equalizer on your Windows PC, Peace has an effects panel, a graph window and much more.

In short: Peace is an equalizer and audio mixer for all your PC software on any Windows version from Vista to 10.

Your configuration (e.g. EQ, preset, profile) can be saved and activated again by 1 click, hotkey, tray or desktop shotcut.

Note: Your virus scanner may detect a virus in Peace.exe or PeaceSetup.exe. This is a false positive, more info on the forum.

Install by running downloaded PeaceSetup.exe.

YouTubers: Please mention Peace Equalizer in your video description.

Many thanks to my reviewers and supporters. They've helped making the Peace equalizer to a great app.

For issues on virus scanners and their false positives go to the Wiki.


  • up to 31 gain dB Equalizer sliders per channel/speaker
  • 9 speakers support (all, stereo, 5.1 and 7.1)
  • filter frequencies, dB gains, filter qualities can all be changed per slider
  • filters: peak, low/high pass and shelf, band, notch and all pass
  • pre amplifying dB values for volume control (per channel/speaker)
  • graph of your filters (transfer function) per speaker
  • make, save and activate own equalizer configurations (presets)
  • select a device for your equalizer configuration
  • besides your own presets, there are dance, rock, classic, bass boost, etc.
  • alter audio sound through buttons like expand and compress
  • control by tray, hotkeys and desktop shortcuts
  • automatic activation by program start and device selection
  • languages: English, Czech, Deutsch, Nederlands, Italiano,Russia

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User Reviews

  • Thanks, great software! Saves my roommates a lot of headaches, and allows me to tune down my dominant subwoofer.

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • These are the best i've ever use.Easy interface and user friendly..Thanks guys for the such Awesome "peace" of machine .. keep it up !!!

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • Hi, This bit of software is some of the BEST I've EVER installed on my computer..I can't say enough positive about it. It performs just like it's supposed to in the documentation about it, people are really missing out by not giving it a try. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort for this software !!

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • Wow! I've been using the EQ that comes with my Asus Maximus IX Code which is ok but doesn't sound like this. This makes everything very clear and sounds so good WOW!!! I will recommend this till its no long supported. I have a pair of Hyper X head phone that did not sound that deep and have clear highs I tried multiple EQ app but this one is the ONE! Like I stated before it has little to no distortion. Play with all the EQ settings and change them when you listen to music or play video games they all need to be tweaked.

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • Best equalizer available today. I have a 300 USD sound card, Xonar Essence ST which come with a very basic configuration tool, though necessary, but does not provide the advanced options that Equalizer APO provides. With Equalizer APO my 300 Ohm impedance headphones sound no different than actually being in a studio listening to a live production. Equalizer APO also works to help low quality speakers sound like they're of high quality. But don't expect Equalizer APO to improve sound from a low quality logic board to something like Xonar Essence ST or a high quality receiver. Equalizer APO helps to provide users to push their sound card (or receiver) to it's specifications or beyond. Ah, just don't go too beyond because you'll probably end up needing new hardware.

    1 user found this review helpful.
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Dutch, Czech, Italian, English, German, Russian

User Interface

Win32 (MS Windows), Windows Aero

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