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  • Very nice

  • Excellent compiler

  • Hi all, I'm not sure but I may think i just found a bug in Free Pascal 3.0.2. In the previous versions i don't occurred this issue. I've installed it today on Windows 10 Professiona x64. I've created a simple application, and it comipled with success but at run time if there are some output texts in the console. the last outputted line replaces the previous line. Hence this issue i can't output more than 1 line Please see my attached code as example on windows 10 Pro OS, I've tried it also on a Windows 10 Enterprise too. " var c: longint; begin Writeln('This should be the first line'); Writeln('C =? '); Readln ; writeln(c+1000){this is on the first lin but it shouldn't be}; Readln; end. " Thank you in advance.

  • Excellent, can install OFFLINE on BeeFree OS, THANK

  • Excellent - cross-platform (desktop, mobile), fast and type-safe language.

  • Excellent Compiler. Work fine under Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Haiku. I guarantee it.

  • The best multi-platform compiler. Object Pascal is a great language, same level than c but for humans. Same code can be used for all os, cpu, .... Cross-compiling is easy too (even if I prefer to use the native compilers in VM). You may create your executables without dependencies needed but also native libraries, even native Java-libraries. The community is very helpful. And the benchmark are very close clang.

  • Not all an ideal, but it work

  • Free Pascal Compiler has many compatibility modes for Delphi, Turbo Pascal, MacPascal, etc. Also features a text-only IDE, or integrates seamlessly with Lazarus for development in a graphical environment. It's fast, reliable, and my personal favourite standard for Object Pascal, with pretty good documentation both on the compiler features and Object Pascal (and dialects) it supports. A superb choice over commercial products or other Pascal compilers.

  • thank you --- see also VRCalc++ OOSL (Script) by Adrix.NT on

  • The best multi-platform compiler!

  • This is the old school Pascal compiler I was looking for. 5 stars.

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  • Excellent pascal compiler.

  • The perfect tool in any situation.

  • Good!

  • Awesome!

  • This software is the only one freely available to develop in Pascal language. This compiler is really a great piece of software when used in Lazarus IDE. Keep up the great work!

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  • fantastic, 20 years of hunting this :) now only have time to look at, to busy guys :) hat's off to effort :)

  • Awesome!

  • Incredible volunteer effort sustained over many years.

  • great project

  • I'm an old-time developer who started writing code back in 1985. Having worked on many platforms, I always loved the power and flexibility of Pascal (even compared to C). In the mid 90s when I first looked at Delphi, I was so glad but it was (and is still) very expensive. Then I discovered Lazarus and the FreePacal IDE. It's an amazing thing and I love the fact that even the short-cut keys on the IDE are nearly identical to the old TP. This has made the transition very easy to FreePascal. Today I build client-server apps for Linux and Windows using Lazarus while using the text-based IDE for teaching programming at academic level. Lazarus also blends well with PostgreSQL on the back-end and I don't think I'll need to switch to another language again. Pros: * Easy to port the apps to a different OS. * Very easy and advanced GUI. * Connects to a range of DBs * Has a port of FR which is the key need for business reporting. * Open source and free to use even for commercial applications. Cons: * Report designer has some bugs - no big deal. * Documentation for reports and some advanced features fall short (but I think we have to contribute) - come on, after all, it's free! * No MDI forms - and whatever is available is not the best. Since Linux doesn't have MDI forms I've created a special class that creates a tabbed interface instead of MDIs. I think I like it but it's got some limitations. * Executable code size is pretty large - no matter what you do. But I'm ok with it.

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  • Outstanding. I've been writing programs in pascal for 27 years. I'm deeply grateful that all the pascal code I've written compiles with only minor tweaks required. The generosity of these fine people is world class. Thank you.

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  • Thank you for your work.

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