Bulk Crap Uninstaller (or BCUninstaller) is a free (as in speech) program uninstaller. It excels at removing large amounts of applications with minimal user input. It can clean up leftovers, detect orphaned applications, run uninstallers according to premade lists, and much more! Even though BCU was made with IT pros in mind, by default it is so straight-forward that anyone can use it.

BCU is fully compatible with Windows Store Apps, Steam, Windows Features and has special support for many uninstalling systems (NSIS, InnoSetup, Msiexec, and many other).


  • Detect and uninstall Windows Store apps
  • Uninstall multiple items at once to speed up the process (with collision prevention)
  • Uninstall any number of applications in a single batch
  • Minimal user input is required during uninstallation
  • Can find and remove leftovers after uninstallation
  • Can uninstall some apps even if they don't have any uninstallers
  • Detects applications with damaged or missing uninstallers
  • Adds quiet uninstall options to some uninstallers, even if they do not support them by default
  • Uninstall lists for automation
  • Startup manager
  • Verification of uninstaller certificates
  • Fully portable, settings are saved to a single file

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User Reviews

  • Functional and featureful.

  • Without a doubt, this is the best uninstaller I've ever used. But let the user beware, this is a serious piece of software and deserves some study time. Yes, it can easily be used by novice users and advanced users will love the plethora of features, but be sure you know what you're doing or you could really screw up your system. The more time I spend with this jewel, the more I like it. IMHO, BC is to uninstallers what Process Explorer is to Task Manager. It's that good.

  • I was fascinating problems related to nvidia driver uninstallation. It worked with BC Uninstaller.. This is the only reason I m rating it 4 stars

  • amazing tool.

  • Nicely done, easy for inexperienced folks, great for skilled techs.

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Advanced End Users, System Administrators, End Users/Desktop

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