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  • Thanks for this wonderful program! Works like a charm and is easy to use, however i found the input for the frame delay slightly confusing (V 2.91). It first looked like i was supposed to enter the frame rate in fps, but apparently you are expected to enter the delay in seconds as a fraction. Maybe consider entering it as a float or in milliseconds? Anyways, thumbs up! :)

  • This works wonderfully,and I get such a tiny filesize as an end result. I made a 60fps-esque recording animation at 640x480 resolution for 8 seconds and it is 1.09MB in size! That comes from 517MB worth of png images averaging at 1MB per frame! I am making test files for a beta app for Android that allows easier offline apng viewing without the hassle of needing to open FireFox and typing in a specific directory link just to view your animated png files. However,I am having a major out of memory issue before creating a 320 imaged 60fps apng in 1080P resolution. My 1920x1080 res images total at 494MB in size,but the program read out 1.55GB instead from task manager. The largest few png images are at 2.54MB while most range between 1.00MB to 1.60MB in size. Some frames of white flashing in the footage are only 16KB,which saves loads of space. Can you make your program use temporary storage to create the animated png from instead of the computer's actual RAM? I would rather have it take 2GB of temporary storage space during the creation phase while using 600MB+ of RAM,than it to completely overload the RAM. I don't care what directory you put the temporary file in,just please make it work so we can all make 1080P APNGs without worrying about RAM depleting.

  • Easy to use, and .APNG are much smaller than .GIF, and the quality is better too !

  • Thanks for Apngasm, it's great!

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  • Very nice and simple program. For anyone who doesn't like operating programs from command prompt, i've made a GUI for APNGasm Just place in one folder with apngasm.exe and it should work just fine (requires .net).

  • Very useful project!

  • Very useful, especially the command line version, and source code, thank you :-)

  • Works brilliantly, I've been looking for something like this for a while. (Fedora x64) For the previous reviewer: It's a command line application, what did you expect it to do? You need to start it from the command prompt and read the help.